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Neal: Is your first name FBI Agent? I happen to know that’s illegal. Just saying. 
Elizabeth: Spousal immunity?
Neal: You made that up. 
Peter: She has spousal immunity.

Elizabeth: I got it. 
Neal: See. 
Peter: Hi, El … Hi, Neal.
Neal: Hi!

Neal: I don’t know what that means.
Mozzie: It means to hide, obviously.

Nice birdhouse.

We raise our hands in class.

White Collar S3 Gag reel teaser (youtube)

Neal: Out of all the people in my life …Mozzie, even Kate, you know …you’re the only one.
Peter: “The only one,” what?
Neal: The only person in my life I trust.

Neal Caffrey (3x10)

Neal Caffrey (3x10)

"He took &#8230; my wife."

"He took … my wife."